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Sportsmans Lodge Motel

To Sportsman’s Lodge Motel Customers, Family, & Friends,

A few of you have asked what precautions the Sportsman’s Lodge Motel has taken, if any, to fight off bed bugs. I have taken all precautions that I know about. I don’t want these pest. I have had all rooms steamed cleaned. This is done yearly. They come in and steam clean every thing in the rooms with 140 degree steam. The carpets are cleaned monthly or sooner if needed, plus all carpet is steamed cleaned every six months with 200 degree steam. All beds are in zipped bed sacks so nothing can get in the mattress or box springs and hide out. The exterminator applies a pesticide to each room every three months. This pesticide is suppose to kill any of these little pest that might get carried in. The motel will be purchasing its own dry steam machine to have on hand. Research shows that 120 degree of dry steam is a great sanitizer and insect killer. There is no real guarantee that these little critters will not get into the rooms but I will take every precaution I can to keep them out.



Everyone needs to educate themselves on bed bugs. You don’t have to be in a motel room to come in contact with them. Bed Bugs can live about any where they are dropped off. They can crawl on you from anything you are leaning or setting on or onto your feet were you are standing. Just go to the internet and type in BED BUGS. Learn what they look like and what to look for, so you can help kill these pest out. To protect your home or luggage when traveling - I suggest going to BED BUG SUPPLY on the internet. This is just one of many suppliers that offer treatment on bed bugs. These are just pesty little pest. The fly, mosquitoes, and spiders are a lot more dangerous than these guys. There is no reason to be scared to travel because of them, just learn what to look for and how to protect yourself from carrying them home or anywhere else. Please pass the information you learn onto others . Everyone needs to do their part so this so called ( BED BUG OUTBREAK ) can be brought under control.

Located 2 miles from Dale Hollow Lake on Hwy. 111,
just south of Byrdstown, TN

at 1201 Livingston Hwy., Byrdstown, TN

American Owned and Operated
by Tommy Thompson - a Vietnam Veteran

For Information or Reservations, call Tommy Thompson
at the Sportsman's Lodge Motel Office between
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM (CST)
(931) 864-3349

For Reservations
Call : 1-931-864-3349


Sportsman's Lodge offers you a motel, with boat parking,
conveniently located near Dale Hollow Lake!

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